JUL-164 Immoral Bunk Bed Passionate Sex With My Mother-In-Law – Tsubaki Kanno


JUL-164 One month after my father remarried a beautiful and gentle woman named Tsubaki, our brothers were mellow. She became aware of her as a woman before she was a mother. However, he felt frustrated by Tsubaki, who was all about his brother who was versatile in both study and sports. The relationship between his brother and Tsubaki was to steal his father’s eyes, heat up, and take a bath together someday. One night, Tsubaki came to a bunk bed where our brothers sleep 親父がつばきさんという美人で優しい女性と再婚して1ヵ月、僕たち兄弟はメロメロになっていた。母である前に女として意識してしまっていのだ。しかし、勉強もスポーツも万能な兄の事ばかり可愛がるつばきさんに苛立ちも感じでいた。兄貴とつばきさんの関係は、親父の目を盗みヒートアップしていき、いつしか一緒に風呂に入る関係になっていた。そんなある夜、僕たち兄弟が眠る二段ベッドにつばきさんがこっそりやって来て