Caribbeancom 090218-744 Tachibana Ruri Early Without Rairi Tachibana BEST


It is the emergence of luxury 2 Honnaka of Tachibana Ruri-chan who is a pretty style with outstanding style and beautiful woman. Ruri who combines not only his fans but also its beauty that will be captivated by the town’s crowd, wearing his underwear in a scaled underwear, and toppling a man. In addition to saying that the erogenous band is the whole body, it is inevitable and it is erotic and sexy anyway with swinging exquisite waist. The excitement of the crotch of a man who witnessed her never ends in two degrees, and it surely surpasses our excitement many times! There is no technique to miss.

群を抜いて抜群のスタイルでしかも妖艶美人の立花瑠莉ちゃんの豪華2本立の登場であります。 ファンのみならず街ゆく男を虜にするであろうその美貌を兼ね備え、スケた下着に身をまとい、男を翻弄する瑠莉ちゃん。もはや性感帯は全身かと言わんばかりに、悶えてはよがり、絶妙な腰の振りでとにかくエロくてセクシー。彼女を目の当たりにした男の股間の盛り上がりは2度で終わることはなく、何度も我々の興奮を凌駕すること間違いなし!見逃す術はありません。