Caribbeancom 081619-984 Haru Serizawa Memories of Summer Vol.12


Caribbeancom 081619-984 Serizawa Haru, but if she could make a date while watching fireworks in her yukata … Today’s “Haru” is even more cute in yukata. I came home after the fireworks were over and took a break. If you touch her from the top of the yukata while immersing yourself in the date of the day, you will be happy to accept him.

逢沢はるが自分の彼女で、浴衣で花火見ながらデートなんてできたら…。 浴衣姿で一段と可愛い今日の「はる」。花火が終わって家に戻ってきて一休み。今日一日のデートの思いに浸りながら浴衣の上から彼女をつい触ってみると、嬉しそうに彼を受け入れます。浴衣から溢れる可愛いおっぱいがとてもエロくてたまりません