ATID-406 The Truth About Sexual Captivity But I M Your Stepdaughter – Nono Yuuki


ATID-406 Ten years since my wife ran away. A father who loved and raised his daughter clumsy with one man. “I’m going to get a job in Tokyo. I don’t like this town … I don’t like this house.” A father raised his hand without enduring the ruthless confession of his beloved daughter who grew up in Teshio. “What was this decade ?!” When he stared at his daughter who had fallen to the floor, he noticed that there was a growing contraindication in his heart that was different from anger.   妻に逃げられてから十年。男手一つで不器用なりにも娘を愛し育てた父親。「東京で就職します。この街も…この家も好きじゃない」手塩にかけて育て上げた愛娘からの無慈悲な告白に堪らず手を上げた父親。「この十年は何だったんだ!」床に倒れ込んだ娘を見つめながら心の中に怒りとは別の禁忌なる感情が芽生えている事に気付いた父親は…。