390JAC-025 Jackson supports Mousou chan who is delusional about such things and such things


390JAC-025 Jackson supports “Mousou-chan” who is delusional about such things and such things! ! ] The delusion of amateur women is the most erotic! ! Jackson makes sex that you can’t tell anyone or your boyfriend or husband can’t do. An erotic specialized distribution program for entry amateurs whose “delusion” swells. ① Meet at a cafe in Omotesando! A super-beautiful woman who could safely meet a fashionable city while staying sober! This time is a married woman! The husband is 59 years old, quite old, and the president of a company that runs certain famous general stores in various places! I live in platinum! You can tell from your appearance and behavior that you are a pretty celebrity wife! ② When I moved to the place and asked why she applied, she was sexless as expected. She has been married to her husband and hasn’t passed that long yet, but because of her busyness and age, she is going to stay away from sex. Until now, all he had to do was do something for older men, so he said, “I want to have sex with young men,” “I want to play multiple times,” “I want to be worshiped like a queen.” (3) After arriving at the hotel, she looks happy looking at the men who are waiting for her! Because it is a beautiful woman with an atmosphere, just a man surrounds it and it becomes a picture! Because it is a sensitive constitution, it repeatedly cums over and over again with electric massage and fingering, the body continues to convulsively, and the butt is squeezed with joy juice …る と After passing through adult play in which men are laid on the floor and cowgirl in order from the end, or through a violent piston while being watched by a large number of men, the wife’s hair and facial expression are completely disturbed, and pleasure is infinitely wanted Transformed into a crazy married woman. At the end it was an ecstatic smile with continuous facial shots by men while piercing the vagina inside. ⑤At the time of the interview, there was a gentle atmosphere, but she expressed her impression whether she was excited after finishing sex, whether she was relaxed, or quite broken! Sex with young men seems to be quite fresh and you like it ♪ You may have more opportunities to greet younger men in the future!

ジャクソンはあんな事やこんな事を妄想している「妄想ちゃん」を応援します!!】シロウト女性の妄想が一番エロい!! 誰にも言えない性癖や彼氏・旦那とは出来ないセックスをジャクソンが実現させます。「妄想」が膨らんだ応募素人のエロ特化型配信番組。①表参道のカフェで待ち合わせ!オシャレすぎる街にソワソワしながらも無事に出会えた超美人!今回は人妻さんです!旦那様は59歳とかなり年上で、各地に某有名雑貨店を展開する会社の社長さん!お住まいは白金!佇まいや言動から、かなりのセレブ妻だということが伺えます!②場所を移動して応募理由を尋ねると、予想通りセックスレスでした。旦那様とは結婚してそこまで年月は経っていないものの、多忙さや年齢のこともあり、どうしてもセックスからは遠ざかってしまうとのこと。今までは年上の男性に尽くして尽くして…という関係ばかりだったため、『若い男性とセックスしたい』『複数プレイがしたい』『女王様のように崇められたい』とのこと。③ホテルに到着後、待ち構えていた男達を見て嬉しそうな表情を浮かべる彼女!美人で雰囲気がある方なので、周りを男が取り囲むだけで絵になります!敏感体質なので電マと手マンで何度も何度も絶頂を繰り返し、体はビクビクと痙攣し続け、お尻の方まで愛液でぐっちょり…。④男達を床に並べて端から順に騎乗位していく大人な遊びや、大勢の男達に眺められながらの激しいピストンを経ると、奥さんの髪も表情もすっかり乱れ、快楽を無尽蔵に欲しがる狂った人妻に変貌。最後は膣奥をガン突きされながら男達に連続顔射されて恍惚な笑顔でした…。⑤インタビュー時はおしとやかな雰囲気が漂っていましたが、セックスを終えて興奮状態なのか、気が緩んだのか、かなり砕けたかんじで感想を述べてくださいました!若い男達とのセックスが相当新鮮でお気に召したみたい♪今後は年下男性を貪る機会が増えちゃうかもしれませんね!