274ETQT-004 Rockenroll Yuna-chan was caught in a cookie, and the intention of the part model job was to take a SEX video!


I’m doing production, but aren’t you interested in models and talents? How about just talking? “If it’s just a little …” Yuna-chan asks for cream soda at a coffee shop. I’m a student and don’t work part-time now. It seems that he used to work part-time at a soft ice cream shop. “I get angry when the cream is bent. It ’s hard for customers.” “I get angry when there are many rolls of cream. To the shopkeeper.” Such a clumsy Yuna-chan immediately quit. You should make a part-time job. Can you make money with soft ice cream? Yuna-chan who quits without being able to do such a simple job is “Rocken Roller”. Is it a part model? “I’m all irritated” Don’t say that … regain your energy. Why don’t you experience it after this? “ Ummm